Welcome to the urbandon tutorials and patterns page. You will find a growing collection of patterns here that are free to use. 

You will also find here some links to my Etsy store where I am selling some more patterns. If you have loved the free patterns you will probably feel the same about the paid-for patterns. Any support is appreciated!

If you find errors with the patterns, or have any suggestions please contact me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Some patterns* may need adjusting to your size. Hat patterns are given for a standard men's hat size. The instructions themselves give details for increasing/decreasing patterns.

Please don't resell the patterns on Etsy or the like- that would not be cool and I won't appreciate it. You may sell items made with the FREE patterns.

*Free patterns are given 'as is' and I cannot be held accountable for damage, errors or fashion faux-pas that may may arise. I can only give limited advice regarding the free patterns. 
Patterns and instructions assume you have some sewing experience: threading a machine, sewing a straight, a curved line and finishing off.

Combat Cap  

Combat Cap by Urbandon.

Garrison Cap Pattern 

Garrison Cap by Urbandon Menswear

More coming soon...

Stylish Glove Pattern 
Combat Cap with Side Flaps 
Multi-Panel Pageboy Cap Pattern 
Fedora Sewn Hat


These tutorials originally appeared on These are all free to use.  

Urbandon asymmetrical T-shirt
T-shirt Japanese Style  A Pattern Magic style shirt.

Gloves from Jumper Sleeves  A simple DIY project.

urbandon hoodie from old t-shirts
Hoodie from Old T-Shirts  My first reclaimed t-shirt hack.

urbandon asymmetrical waistcoat



Yohji Yamamoto Coat Pattern (Advanced)
You will need two parts- home or printshop and both instruction sheets. It is a large pattern of only two pieces in classic Yohji style. 


Fashion Hacktivist and Genius Otto von Busch. How to manipulate fashion to your own ends with the master of upcycling. 
Hours of reading on his page and a small taste of his brilliance here. (Yes, I know I sound like a fanboy)

The wonderful Holly Mcquillan Zero Waste Twist Dress. Holly is one of the founders (as far as I know) and best zero-waste designers on the planet. She always shares her knowledge


Hats by Leko (The BEST millinery supplier)

Torb & Reiner (Australian supplier)

House of Adorn (Australian supplier)



(Make your own patterns simply with Joost. From swimsuits to trousers) (everything sewing)

Victoria and Albert Museum Fashion (Always stimulating)

Design Seeds (Colour design made easy)

M.Recht (The best sewing supplies in Australia)

Bag'n-telle (Everything about bag design- many patterns)

Ethical Fashion Forum (Ethical and sustainable fashion)

Ecouterre (Sustainable fashion and product design)