Garrison Cap Instructions by Urbandon Menswear

The pattern is here and here. (you will need both)

Easy to sew garrison or flat cap.

You will need some sturdy fabric like denim, cotton drill or wool. If you are using a fabric that frays then overlock or zigzag all edges before you start assembling the cap.

One of the great things about sewing hats is they use up so little fabric. Off cuts or cut up jeans make for great materials to use. You will need around 20x 25 inches of fabric.

The following instructions are for an unlined cap. It is designed for a standard men's head of 22 1/2 inches (57cm)*

Seam allowance is 3/8'' or 1cm.

Please feel free to share this pattern but please don't sell it. If you use it then let me know- I love to hear feedback on ways to improve the pattern.**

*Despite being in Australia and designing menswear to European standard sizes and using metric all the time most of my followers (and buyers) are from the USA. Because of this I use metric and imperial measurements in these patterns.

**I can only be of limited assistance due to this being a free pattern and I cannot be responsible for any injury, errors or fashion faux-pas that may arise from using this pattern.

*** Seam allowance is 3/8'' or 1cm

    sturdy cotton or wool fabric of choice.
    The pattern pieces.
    Hat making Petersham. You can get away with 1 inch twill tape. 
PLUS 1 meter/yard of contrasting or matching piping.
    Pins and tailors chalk or chalk wheel.
    Sewing machine and matching thread.


  • Print out patterns at 100%. They should be A4 size.
  •  Check the test square- it should be 5 cm square.
  •  Cut out printed patterns. Transfer patterns to stiff card if you prefer.
  • Lay out patterns on fabric, mark and cut out. (a)
  • You should have a long piece that becomes the 'flap', two side panels and a top. (a)
  • Sew the top to the side pieces along the curve, right sides together. Stop at the dot. (b)
  • Sew the two side pieces together along their shorter ends, stopping again at the dot. You will now have the main pieces of the cap together (c-d)
  • Trim the corners to reduce bulk. (not seen)
  • With the cap inside out, press a center crease along the top panel. (f-g)
  • Mark a chalk line 1.5cm from the bottom raw edge all the way around on the inside of cap. (h)
  • Attach the Petersham (or sweatband/twill) all around with the lowest edge on the chalk line. Pin and then sew, overlapping neatly at the center back. For this cap you will need around 23 inches. You can sew the  top and bottom of Petersham or just around the lower edge. (i)
  • Attach the piping around the curved side of the flap fabric piece. Attach and sew right sides together with the piping upside down.
  • Turn and press the piping over. Sew flat from right side. You will now have a clean, folded edge with piping. (j)
  • Mark the center back- half way along the piped flat piece. (k)
  • Pin the flap to the cap aligning the centre back with the caps back seam. Be sure to attach right side of flat to wrong side of cap. Confusing I know ,but double, triple check this! (l)
  • Cross over one front curve over the other one. If you want to be specific about having right over left then think about that now! (m)
  • Sew the flap to the cap.
  • Press the seam towards the cap from the inside. (n)
  • Turn cap right side out and press again from the inside and out. Use a pressing cloth if you feel you are going to scorch your fabric with the hot iron. (Everyone has scorched fabric at some stage, cried and never scorched a new piece of sewing again.) (o)
  • Give a final press to the center top crease and all seams.
  • Done! 

If you like this pattern and the other free patterns then sling me a couple of bucks! I would be most grateful.