Tuesday, March 10, 2015


When you are in the pointy end of an aeroplane or in a nice hotel you get slippers. I love those free simple slippers. But complimentary slippers are not designed to last-around the house they won't make a week or two. As winter approaches I was determined to get in early and make a nice pair of felt slippers.

These a super-easy to make. I recommend making a sample just to make sure the fit is good. When marking allow for the seam- that is the seam allowance and is usually around 1cm or 0.39 of an inch.

I will take you through the steps. 

You will need:

Paper for pattern
French Curve and pencil
Sandals/flip flops the size of the slipper you want to make
Fabric- Heavy wool felt or thick leather 1/4 meter or yard is plenty
Fabric-lightweight wool felt to make a sample
Sewing machine or just needle and thread (linen thread is best)

1. Draw around a sandal or thong (flip-flop) so that you have a shape like below. Add a seam allowance NOW.
Draw around one whole sandal and then flip over to draw around the top half. Join the two shapes with a nice curve.

2. Use a French curve to get an accurate line. 

3. Both halves of the top area have to match up so pay attention to the numbers.

4. Cut out the pattern. Mark the fabric (in this case wool felt) with a left and a right piece. As always, being accurate is of great importance.

5. Cut out the slipper blanks.

6. Here I made a sample pair from some thin wool felt to make sure they fit. If you are going to use leather then this is a crucial step.

7. Fold the top over the sole and sew together. Start at the toes and stitch around. I zig-zagged, but straight-stitching would work just as well.

If you are using leather you will probably need to punch holes and sew together with linen thread. 

8. As a final touch and for added strength I hand-stitched again with contrasting linen thread.

That's it. 

I do have some concern for the slippery soles so I will paint on some liquid rubber (from a craft shop) on the soles to get a bit more grip on our timber floors.

Maybe they won't earn a fashion award but they are comfy, hand made and can be made with some scrap industrial felt or a small piece of leather. Perfect for kicking around the house, hotel or aeroplane. 

Hope you give these a whirl!