Saturday, September 4, 2010

Orchid Love

Spring is in the air Down Under and my orchids are doing their thing- producing  flowers.
A Cybidium Sanderi X above.

 Native New South Wales Dendrobium delicatum. The flowers are 4cm across. Comes in white and a stunning pink with mottled lip (below). I love these because 100 years ago these would have been growing right where I live. Now that is a native plant.

These, below, I'm not too sure of. Coelogyne possibly.

Maybe there is an Orchid buff out there who could identify these. (Small, spring flowering plant with a single pendulous flower spike containing 7, 9 or 11 sickly sweet smelling flowers with two stiff leaves and squat, ridged pseudobulbs.)

Below is a Phalaenopsis equestris x pulchra or pulcherrima hybrid. 4cm flowers. This one has been in flower over two months now.

Although I have a green thumb it's really not needed with orchids as they can't do anything but flower- it's their normal, natural state. 

All the best, Don