Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Bells for Little Sis

Congratulations Nate and Dena

My beautiful little sister married her partner Nate on the weekend. Nate is Mexican and so the wedding was themed. Mariachi band, Mexican home cooking, hand made wedding dress by Dena, cake made by a friend. Dena even made the hundred paper flowers that formed an arch around them. All in my sisters yard. It was so beautiful and simple.

Neither looking anything like me, my father Mario and my son Indy.

Me with my sisters Dena, Liza and Julia.

Dena and Nate's child, my niece, Chelsea. How cute is she?

The day after celebrations it was business as usual. My goggles are starting to take shape. I want to get them half finished at least before the working week starts.

Back next week!