Monday, November 24, 2008

From Junk to Orrery

I love how from humble beginnings work evolves into the final product. For me, the satisfaction comes from the process.
Take my latest piece for example. Junk. Beautiful rubbish destined for the tip. Not in this household though!

I have always wanted an orrery (Solar system model) but they are so damn expensive to buy and the skill required to build a working model so high. (Maybe if I stopped working now and devoted the rest of my life to building them...)

The solution? Make a non-working model from scrap. Sure its not an accurate model, but that was not the plan. The idea was to create a nice little piece to admire that gave the feeling of the stunning and accurate pieces of engineering that are orrerys.

This was a pure glue affair. Once it started, glue seemed the logical choice to get it finished as soon as possible (back to work the next day)

Ah, if only I could play all day, every day. Sigh.

Typewriter parts, earings, beads and wire..the idea is born.

I get the hang of it. Gluefest.

Now I'm into it. There's no stopping the march of creativity now. Adding celestial drawings and more machine parts.

The final piece. 

A couple of others I made also made it to print which was pretty sweet.

Steampunk Optiscope
Another kinetic piece
Stop motion video of orrery