Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Two new coats from Urbandon Menswear. Both made from hard wearing weatherproof cotton canvas from reclaimed U.S. Army 'pup' tents. Both with double stitched seams and reinforced pockets. Both for sale on my Easy store. Both suitable for Large to Extra large people. 

Both look pretty damn cool too.

(Had to sneak in a photo of my beautiful rescue dog, Bruce!)

Monday, March 7, 2016


Patterns are cool. Free patterns are even cooler. Making your own patterns is the coolest. Here are a few scattered around the web. Enjoy.

Pretty snappy bucket hat  although this is a cool one too by Kitsch Bitsch

Dog coat. Give comfort from the cold and wet months to your loved ones! This pattern can be used with everything from fleece to nylon. Made this for my loved one, Bruce.

Tuxedo? Red carpet appeal and sexy as hell. Think Daniel Craig. It may get an outing once every few years but it is a cool look worth rocking when you do. Massive vintage pdf here. They haven't changed too much in 100 years but it is easy to update this or go fully vintage. Think Fred Astaire then.
Luckily I bought my tux from a charity shop and fits like it was made for me. Bond. Don Bond. 

How simple is this? A bit of skill and no Russian required.

For the more advanced pattern makers this is awesome. Pretty full-on but with new right blocks (pattern foundations) a nice little challenge!

Another for the more skilled pattern maker or adventurus type. Love this blog.

Who doesn't love up cycling? Upcycle mens shirts which are a dime a dozen in thrift stores. I have made heaps of variations of these. Very cool. Another damn fine blog.

Hate sewing? What! Try this on for size. No sewing required. 

That's it for now but there are heaps more patterns and inspiration on my Pinterest page or my pattern pages here and here.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


New URBANDON menswear pieces for the year. 

Sustainable. Experimental. Affordable.

urbandon menswear

Long linen double-layer coat with hood and metal buttons. Front panel  and hood are all one piece. Lined sleeves. Raw edges throughout.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

Wool coat with built in scarf closure and hood.
 (yes, I know, I am vegan but the fabric was in my stash and I had to finish it- I will not be using wool any more due to the un-sustainability and unethical treatment of animals)

urbandon menswear
 Organic cotton hoodie with hand stitching throughout. (Now sold out)

urbandon menswear

 Organic cotton drop-crotch 3/4 pants. Side seam pockets and elastic waist.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

 Organic cotton top with false front panel, double sleeves and hood. Now sold out.

urbandon menswear

urbandon menswear

My best pants pattern to date. Button fly, 3D knee darts, extra deep pockets, carrot leg pants with rotating side seam made from reclaimed U.S. Army 'pup' tent canvas. These are only a sample but I have been wearing them to death as they are so comfortable. They will be available soon.

Pieces available from my Etsy store.
All the best,